Texor Petroleum has owned and operated retail locations in the Chicago area for more than thirty years. As a successful operator currently operating corporate retail sites in Chicago, we are uniquely qualified to assist dealers in every aspect of their own retail locations.

What sets Texor apart?

  • Texor has first-hand experience in the design and project management of a variety of different types of convenience store/fuel retail operations. We give accurate and timely sales projections and cost estimates. 
  • Texor retailers have access to the broad base of manufacturers, suppliers and wholesalers including customer programs designed specifically for Texor by Eby Brown, The Royal Buying Group, New England Coffee, Cash Depot and many others.
  • Texor retailers benefit from special pricing for both fuel and retail equipment, and have access to the latest cutting-edge technological innovations and designs.
  • Texor understands that things happen quickly in retail environments. We are available with reliable 24/7 customer service to help resolve issues in an expedient fashion.
  • Texor can provide a complete and creative signage program for both inside the store and out on the islands.
  • Texor has a loyalty program through Spinback Rewards offering instant price rewards for customers and zero program management for retailers.

With Texor Petroleum, an established leader is with you every step of the way. We are committed to ensuring that each customer who enters our stores receives the highest quality products and services, in the most modern facilities, at the best prices.